The Rise of Contactless Payment Systems

The Rise of Contactless Payment Systems

In an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, companies and organizations are racing to find ways to hold onto their customer base. In this pandemic-era rush, one of the things that has become apparent is the need to make the public feel safe. Paired with wearing masks, and social distancing, it involves how people interact with each other in places of business, limiting contact to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. One of the effects of this need has been the rise of contactless payment systems.

Technology that was expected to be mostly adopted in 5 years is being adopted in a matter of months. Since the pandemic began, 78% of consumers have adjusted the way they pay for items out of intensified safety concerns. When asked what forms of payment they considered safe, 66% of customers said their top choices were contactless payments like tap & pay and mobile payment. Compare this to just 10% who said cash or check were safest. This isn’t a short-run trend either. After the pandemic, customers are expected to continue these new shopping habits.

What does this mean for your school or organization?

Keeping up with technological trends is always important, but when it relates to the safety and concerns of fans, students, parents, and many other groups, it becomes invaluable. If you decide to not move toward a digital payment system, you could be losing revenue. Even in cases in which you provide a service that isn’t available elsewhere, like event tickets, people may choose not to make a purchase at all. Among millennials, 72% would switch to a new store if it offered contactless payment options. Even among other groups like Generation X or boomers, that number can be as high as 56%. Among all US consumers, 45% now shop online only. By shifting away from more traditional purchasing options like cash, you can increase your customer count and raise your revenue during a time when many organizations are fighting for sales.

Contactless Payments with SuperFan

SuperFan’s contactless digital payment system, RevPass, offers a flexible platform that you can use for online sales. It allows your customers to safely make secure payments through your SuperFan app. Funds from sales are deposited directly into the account of your choice.

A RevPass campaign is easy to set up and can be used for selling everything like tickets, merchandise, or even experiences. There are no limits on how many campaigns you run. It can be utilized for charities, student clubs, and even booster groups. You provide the product to sell, and SuperFan will create custom graphics based on your needs, including banner and native ads inside your app to promote your campaign. RevPass also makes it easy to manage your sales. The built-in campaign tracking system provides real-time data including who has made a purchase, and when they made it.

If you’d like to learn more about RevPass, let us know.

Since 2017, the University of South Carolina has used RevPass to sell memberships for the Student Gamecock Club. Their campaigns have amassed more than 8,473 payments, and have grossed more than $373,000. See the full case study here.

Ticketing & Event Entry with RevPass

If your fans purchase or sign up for tickets using RevPass, you can add a digital QR code ticket that can be used to enter events, eliminating the need for paper tickets. This digital ticket can be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.