How To Generate Revenue On Your Mobile Rewards Platform

How To Generate Revenue On Your Mobile Rewards Platform

There are many reasons for your investment in a mobile rewards and fan engagement platform. Not only does it help increase student and fan engagement, but the platform allows for an increase in revenue for your organization. It is important to learn how you can best utilize your resource and gain a better ROI. Use your platform to leverage revenue generation. Here are 4 ways how.

One-Stop Shop
Your mobile rewards platform is classified as a one-stop shop for your students and fans. This means that they can make in-app purchases, including gameday necessities like tickets, digital sports passes, apparel, food, and specialty gear. What you make available to your fans is completely customizable and you can sell as little or as much as you want through the platform. Having all of this available on the application makes it more convenient for fans and therefore will add to your bottom line.

Another great way to earn money on your platform is through sponsorships. There is ample amount of real estate on the platform to allow for sponsors to place advertisements and provide you with another revenue stream. This includes title sponsors, unlimited banner ads, native ads with video capability, sponsored awards, and sponsored push notifications throughout. Each school is different in what they can charge. It is completely customizable to what your sponsors’ goals are and what you want to sell. Digital sponsorship opportunities through your app allows sponsors to market themselves, drive foot traffic to their businesses, website clicks, and creates a profitable platform for everyone.

We have seen our partners earn anywhere from $500 to $500,000 in sponsorship revenue. Here is an example of how a partnered high school in Marshall, Minnesota capitalized on the opportunity. Marshall Case Study

RevPass is a system that provides a way for schools and teams to set up specialty campaigns to sell sports passes, specialty gear, and VIP fan experiences through the application. Rather than having to juggle cash, checks, and credit card receipts, purchases can be made electronically through the application and deposited directly into your bank account. Each campaign you run can have a separate account the money goes into. There’s a real-time reporting for auditing and redemption purposes at your disposal. RevPass is ideal for anything you collect money for, such as student group memberships, season sports passes, field trips, specialty t-shirts, prom tickets, yearbooks, pre-game tours of the facilities, etc. The possibilities are endless and so is your revenue opportunity.

Need new uniforms for the band? A school bus? Weight room renovations? RocketJar, a fundraising platform, is a place to have your students, fans, alumni, friends, and family donate to your cause, whatever that may be. RocketJar is available as an online website, so any organization that needs funds, such as churches, schools, or hospitals can access it as well. Since RocketJar can be added on your platform, you have the ability to raise money for projects by accessing your fan base, and your fans can find the campaigns easily on their phones. Learn more about RocketJar here.

Your mobile rewards and fan engagement platform is going help your organization more than you ever thought possible. Other than increasing student and fan engagement, your platform will be the biggest advocate in generating revenue for your school or team. Utilize your platform the best way possible by using these ideas we’ve provided. You’ll be earning more for your organization in no time.