Customize Your Experience

Customize Your Experience

Connecting to your community of fans is key. That’s why we offer a program that is completely customized to your school to help engage your fans. What makes us different? We aren’t your typical cookie cutter fan engagement platform. Your organization deserves more than just a check-in app and should look and feel as unique as your organization.

SuperFan allows you to customize every aspect of your fan engagement platform; from the platform name, logo and colors, to your app’s features so that it matches your current branding and reflects your goals for a rewards program. We can even help you integrate sponsors and their needs, so that sponsors affiliate their products and services with your school and sports competitions.

The Discovery Feed lets your users decide what they want to see by “liking” events, Fan Cam images, rewards, experiences, Fan Poll images and promotions. Your fans can build their own fan network, consisting of other users they want to be “friends” with, and connect through social media. Users can also receive push notifications, which are personalized to your users to remind them of important events or offers. Your fans see what they want.

Our built-in marketing and communication tools and our ability to place current school practices into one centralized platform truly allows you to know your fans, engage them and communicate effectively with them.