University of South Alabama

Utilizing the dynamic capabilities of its SuperFan platform, University of South Alabama has been able to maximize revenue and build strong relationships with sponsors, including businesses like Raising Cane’s and Halls Motorsports.

South Alabama, a public university with 16,000 enrolled students and 17 Division I sports, was searching for unique ways to augment fan interaction while getting the most out of its relationship with sponsors. Likewise, sponsors who signed on with South Alabama were looking to increase traffic to their locations, particularly within their targeted demographic of South Alabama students. The solution lies with Superfan, whose customized fan loyalty program, Jag Swag Student Rewards, provides both the resources capable of creating enhanced fan experience, as well as the channel through which both school and sponsor are able to attain higher levels of success and achieve their respective goals.

Jag Swag offers this unique way to present products directly to our students through the conduit of Athletic Marketing

Travis Toth, Associate Athletic Director
South Alabama

The solution that SuperFan provides is a simple one: help the students take advantage of the rewards right in front of them, and in doing so, create value for both school and sponsor in terms of revenue and exposure. According to Toth, the strength of the SuperFan program is its versatility, specifically its all-purpose alert and push notification features that make all offers available to students instantly, as well as a robust system of analytics that allow for real time adjustments during games. These features have the added benefit of placing sponsor logos directly in the students’ awareness, thus giving the brand an elevated level of personal contact with their target market.

“In Mobile, businesses cannot advertise on campus and certainly cannot access our students via e-mail, text, or any other viable source of guerrilla marketing,” said Toth. “So JagSwag [gives] sponsors what they want and that [is] access to our student body.”

With the SuperFan platform, the app features are not limited to in-game times and events. South Alabama can send out alerts to students about sponsors’ offers anytime, which allows the school to build more extensive fan experience and engagement outside of game day. Alternatively, the school is able to incorporate their sponsors’ products within the rewards aspect of their program, which gives the sponsor an even greater impact of boosted student traffic and a growth in brand awareness to their target market.

Jag Swag has increased exposure and foot traffic for our sponsors and has made it more appealing for sponsors to upgrade or renew their packages.

Travis Toth, Associate Athletic Director
South Alabama

As a result, for South Alabama and sponsors, the benefits of the multifaceted Jag Swag Student Rewards program reach deeper than strictly monetary value. South Alabama is able to achieve sustained fan commitment throughout the entirety of the season and outside of games, and sponsors are able to reach their ideal market of South Alabama students on a greater level, while building sales. The purpose of the school-sponsor relationship is to arm both parties with mutual success while keeping the ultimate consumer, the students and fans, happy. With Jag Swag Student Rewards, South Alabama and its sponsors are doing just that.

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