Great Bend High School

For years, Great Bend High School has sold Panther Passes to raise funds for their athletics programs. In 2021, the school decided to offer the pass on their SuperFan app, Great Bend Athletics, through a short-term RevPass campaign.

Dustin Klassen, Activities Coordinator at Great Bend High School, said the decision to move to a mobile format was made for a few reasons. They wanted to bring more users to their app, generate more funds for the athletic department, and to have an easier system to use than their current one.

What do supporters get with their card?

Anyone who purchases a Panther Pass gets access to special offers from 48 local businesses. These included restaurants, coffee shops, shoe & clothing stores, and even auto sales & repair.

How Did The Campaign Perform?

In 3 months, 342 cards were sold through the app, grossing more than $3,900. There was also a 102% increase in app users. When a purchase was made, users had the opportunity to highlight which sport they were promoting. Users tagged 15 separate sports ranging from football to bowling. The digital version of the pass made it easier to sell and offered real-time reporting which made it easier to sell and track sales. All sales in the app are card only, so there was no need to deal with cash.

How Was The Campaign Promoted?

A flier was created by SuperFan advertising the campaign which included QR codes that linked to the Great Bend Athletics app for easy download. Another flier detailed the businesses that were partnering with Great Bend and the offers that would be accessible to card buyers. Student athletes shared these materials with friends and family. Native and banner ads were also placed throughout the Great Bends Athletics app directing users to the RevPass campaign.

Based on Great Bend High School’s feedback, SuperFan is making improvements so that future campaigns can be more successful and offer more detailed information about user’s support.

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